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Studies show that practicing mindfulness, even for just a few weeks, can help you become:

Heathier by

  • Reducing your stress
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Helping you sleep better

Wealthier by

  • Helping you create better relationships
  • Making you a more confident, creative leader
  • Making you more resilient to negative feedback

Wiser by

  • Boosting your self-compassion
  • Improving your decision-making abilities
  • Helping you act more in line with your values

Almost magical, right? Who wouldn’t pay money for that!

But not everyone can take 10 days out to do a meditation retreat.

“If we’re not prepared and don’t have the right kind of context, mindfulness meditation, particularly in intense doses, may not be psychologically healthy.”

Barry Boyce

Editor-in-Chief, Mindful Magazine

So we need an approach to mindfulness that fits into modern life.

And yet, it is HARD to practice mindfulness in daily life.

You’d think it would be easy. After all, we take our ability to bring moment-to-moment awareness to our thoughts, feelings, and sensations with us wherever we go. Mindfulness is the most mobile technology of all; we’re born with it. And yet, it’s so easy to get distracted. It turns out that distractions are built into the very nature of our biology and our busy lives.


The drive to be distracted is in our blood and in our brains. In psychology, they say bad is stronger than good. In Zen, they call it the “monkey mind.” Left to its own devices, the mind leaps from one low-hanging branch to the next. It can take conscious effort to calm ourselves and see the bright side of things.

Busy Lives

Like a raging river, modern life makes mindlessness the default option. It’s easy to go along with advertising that promotes mindless consumption. It’s harder to pause before buying to see if breathing is enough. It’s easy to get sucked into the scandal and disaster that 24-hour news channels promote. It’s harder to pay attention to the effects the media you consume has on you. It’s easy to wolf down lunch without thinking. It’s harder to eat with awareness and gratitude.

The Mindful Life Journal makes integrating mindfulness into your everyday life easier.

With just seven minutes of effort per day, you’ll begin to knock down the barriers between you and a happier life.

The Mindful Life Journal features…


While it’s intended to be used every day, if you miss a day here or there… no big deal. Be gentle with yourself. Come back to your practice when you can.


By writing down two things you’re grateful for in the morning you’ll feel better. By cultivating gratitude in the evening you’ll sleep better.


Every day, the journal offers you eight different feeling words to choose from, while providing you space to write in your own feeling. By putting your feelings into words, you can halt your inherent reactivity, boost your productivity, and increase your emotional intelligence.


These well-chosen quotes from artists, sages, and scientists are designed to teach, encourage, and inspire every day. Each week, the quotes tell a story about mindfulness, emotions, intentions, or energy that lead you into that week’s exercise.


The playful yet serious exercises at the end of each week will help you practice mindfulness, explore your emotions, clarify your intentions, and energize your life. Use them to challenge yourself, integrate your experience, set your priorities, and manifest a more mindful life.


Either while you’re keeping the journal or when you finish, there’s plenty of space for you to write about what you discover about yourself.


Whatever forces favor or oppose mindfulness in your life, the following four guidelines will help you get the most out of your Mindful Life Journal.


In a hurry? Not an introduction reader? This 1-page guide shows you how to use your journal. Turn to page 22 now.

It takes just a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening.

IN THE MORNING  you start by taking your emotional temperature when you wake up. Check the feelings you feel or write in your own. No matter how you feel, you can feel better by cultivating gratitude. Once you’re feeling grateful, it’s time to set your intentions for the day. The idea with intentions is to aim for what is good for you and good for others. You want to design activities into your day that will make your life better and more meaningful.

IN THE EVENING, as you recollect your day, become mindful of what gives you energy and what takes your energy away, without judging it. We focus on energy because to achieve your highest intentions you need energy. After bringing an open, kindhearted curiosity to your energy, it’s time to cultivate gratitude once again. Research shows that people who keep gratitude journals sleep better and feel more rested in the morning.

What people are saying about The Mindful Life Journal on

“Honestly I was stunned it had such a palpable impact right off the bat. After a couple weeks I began to notice choices I was consistently making in my own life that caused my energy to drain and my mood to drop. Seeing my answers to the prompts day after day it became clear what changes I could make to better serve myself and others, and making those changes has helped me to live my everyday life more aligned with the truth of who I am.”

This journal is a powerful and easy to use mindfulness tool for my clients and for myself!

Review by Lindsay Boyce

“I love this journal. I am healing from a life threatening health issue and I lost my daily practice. Between this journal and some meditation apps, I feel like my life is getting back on track. I find the emphasis in the journal on gratitude is helping me become a more heartfelt being with a broader perspective. I highly recommend this as a tool to develop a daily practice that helps encourage an outward flow of compassion or generosity towards others. I needed the boost to stop fixating on what wasn’t working in my life. I have already recommended it to friends.”

Wonderful Journal!

Review by Mukti and Dharma

“I love journals. Some might say I’m slightly obsessed with them. This one is definitely in my top 5. I love that it allows me to quickly check in during the a.m. and p.m. and gives space to reflect on things as you’re going along. It would be a great journal for someone who’s just starting with a mindfulness practice because it sets the foundation for being in the present every day.”

Wonderful, quick, mindfulness check in when I wake and before I sleep.


What people are saying about The Mindful Life Journal on

“I’m fortunate to have spent some time recently with a coach who has been imparting mindfulness tools for me to use. I’m new to journaling and I’ve hunted high and low for what ‘fits’ me best (phone apps as well as actual books), and I think I may have found it with this treasure. Reading the first 20 pages (information about mindfulness and instruction on how to use the journal) echoed everything the coach has said.

Simple yet magic!

Review by JHi

Using this to help get me through my chemotherapy treatment, loving the thought process and being positivity it creates.”

Five Stars

Review by Loopy Lell

“Nearly finished my first three months, enjoying using it and benefitting in many ways, like the daily words, weekly exercises and structure. Highly recommended starter in mindfulness and journaling.”

Highly recommended, well thought out.

Review by Katiej.p

If you like time-tested methods, structured approaches to self-reflection, and spending just a few minutes a day to make real progress, then you’ll love my inspirational guide.

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